Parking in New York City

In terms of difficulty, New York City parking compares to few others. It is indeed a formidable task. In addition to the city's population of about 8.2 million people, the city sees approximately 42 million visitors each year, which makes for sparse parking real estate. While New York City parking may be difficult, parking companies are doing all they can to accommodate as many vehicles as possible. One of the latest and most remarkable innovations in the parking industry in recent years is the automated parking system. These structures allow for a maximization of space by lifting cars and stacking them sometimes as high as seven stories.

Parking in New York City means that you are parking in the most densely populated city in North America: over 8 million people live within the Big Apple's five boroughs. Thankfully, there are over thousands of parking locations in Manhattan alone, making NYC parking pricey, but possible. You can also find parking in Queens, Brooklyn parking, and parking in the other New York City boroughs.

NYC parking laws and regulations are some of the most confusing in the country, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the city's alternate-side street parking system. With fines of approximately $70 per incident, NYC parking officers teach drivers the "rules of the road" rather quickly. If a street sweeper comes down the street you are parked on, at a time when you are not supposed to be parked there, you are likely to spend the evening paying towing fees at a not-so-local car impound lot. Investing in monthly NYC parking, you won't have to spend your lunch break double-parking your car until the street sweeper has passed, and you won't be setting your alarm on the weekends just to wake up and move your car.

Parking lots and parking garages offer residents the best NYC parking to ensure that their car is secure, unlikely to be damaged, and - most importantly - parked legally. Your car will be in a parking space where you won't get "boxed in"; and other drivers will be paying as much as you are not to get their doors dinged. New York City parking becomes a lot less stressful when you rent a monthly parking space.

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